Friday, May 28, 2010

One Dirty Bitch

This is something you can't learn in film school. Here's the scene...

The two hosts of a Professional Wrestling radio show called the "Figure Four Leglock" are premiering the first webcast edition of their show which is the epitome of DIY and takes place in their living room. For their inaugural show they booked the world famous female professional wrestler, ODB (short for "one dirty bitch), the TNA 3-time Women's Knockout Champion. But Leroy, their friend and the main character of the film is hungover and passed out on the couch, only wearing his leather jacket and red Santa undies.

The way the scene was written the wrestler would get offended by Leroy and the complete lack of professionalism, walking out before the interview begins.

Then real life intervened. ODB entered, yelled "BAM!; grabbed her breasts like "The Situation" grabs his crotch and took a healthy swig from her flask.


Obviously Leroy in his red Santa undies was not going to offend this "Bitch". Or that he spent the previous night in jail. For her, as she said in the scene, Jail "is just another Tuesday night." Plus we were fortunate to have her appear in our film, not to mention fly in a blizzard to get there...

...So we re-wrote the scene to reflect the real ODB's sensibilities, but essentially we just turned her loose.

At the point the flask comes out, you have two choices: force something you know isn't going to work just because it was on paper or take the ride of your life and discover what Tuesday night with ODB really means.

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